Sunday, November 4, 2012

Body a Little Under the Weather, But Mind Fully at Work!

I've taken a small break these past few weeks due to my babies getting sick and them myself as well! I'm feeling a little better now so back to working on my project with full force. Actually, my mind never stopped working all this time. Its amazing wonders have been thinking and mapping out more ways for me to get my book out.

One particular idea that begs for action is to start my own inspirational website. Having browsed so many inspirational book blogs and websites, I feel very inspired to start my own. I think having one would be very fun to work on and maintain. In addition, it would be another way for me to help others. I'm very excited and eager to get started on this!

Another wonderful idea is in the works. I will share it with you once I figure out how to set it up! Stay tuned...

I've finally decided to share my wonderful news of 'Your Magnetic Mind' to my husband, family, and friends this coming January. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say!

1 comment:

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